Lili atk

lili atk

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Jul 11, 2015 . same team. Lvl 20 he would get total 110% atk speed. … Posted on bug report forum: LiLi's cloud serpent damage is reduced while moving.Apr 6, 2015 . Effect: Massive boost to man/gods ATK (18 %). Event Skill: [Delicate Dance] Effect: Great boost to damage against raid bosses in Prophet's . ATK-instituutti säätiö jakoi vuoden 2015 ProICT-palkinnot ATK-instituutti säätiö. Palkinnon saivat DD-SCALE -projektiryhmä (Pekka Kamaja, Lili Aunimo, Jari . Reduces the duration of the next Stun or Root against you by 75%. 1614.08. Health. 3.36. Regen. 500. Mana. 3.00. Regen. 1.25. Atk Per Sec. 5.50. Ranged.May 18, 2015 . episode of the Heroes of the Storm Daily Quest we are playing Lili. … both (on either the serpent heals talent or bounce atk talent) and done.

lili atk

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